Consulting and Spa design

After 15 years of expertise in the operation of the most prestigious hotel spas , Relax shares its know-how through its offer of consulting , project management and spa operations .

Each spa creation is unique and its success depends on 3 core elements:

  • The creation of the spa concept
  • The content of the offer in terms of treatments, services and human resources
  • Operation and management of the spa

Our business :

  • To support you in a “turnkey” approach, at all levels of your project: Concept creation, Project deployment and pre-opening, Operational management of the spa.
  • Create with you a unique space and amazing offer to give your customers an unforgettable experience but also to know how to convert the spa concept into a commercial reality. The spa is not only an exceptional place but also a real commercial stake that requires perfect control of its operation.

For who, for what?

You manage a hotel and want to improve your existing spa or you do not have one and wish to create one just as exceptional as your establishment?

Our offer

Phase 1: Define the Spa Concept

Draw the contours of the project by creating the identity of the spa, consistent with the environment and the positioning of the hotel. The creation of the spa, both a unique place and a place connected to an existing environment, should allow the hotel to enhance its image and investments.

Market and environmental analysis:

  • Evaluate the offer and the competition to target the profile and expectations of your future customers
  • Exploration of the viability of new solutions offered for the creation of the spa
  • Marketing study of the positioning of the new spa activity …

Validation of the aesthetic and practical concept of the spa :

  • Identify the central theme of the spa, define its program by integrating the elements of the spiritual universe of the spa.
  • Advice on aesthetic and practical choices: choice of materials, lighting, design and layout of the spa, spatial distribution of the different types of treatments, technical areas and activities specific to the spa, installation of equipment and furniture in the different spaces…

Financial evaluation of the project:

  • Select the right pricing strategy for the various services.
  • Carry out the 3-5 year business plan with an evaluation of the various investments, treatment room occupancy rates, costs related to the full operation of the spa and specific budgets ..

Phase 2: Transforming the Concept, from the initial idea to reality

Transforming the Concept, from the initial idea to reality. It relates to the deployment phase of the project, preparation for the opening of the spa, recruitment and training of the spa team.

Project management and preparation for the spa opening:

  • Establish a retro-planning of the various phases of the project deployment
  • Appoint a main point of contact to supervise the opening of the spa on time
  • Select the cosmetic brand and the sales products & treatment room merchandise
  • Create the menu of the spa treatments and services
  • Select the operating tools and software based on the needs of the hotel
  • Organize procedures, define operational standards and prepare operational manuals for: reception, booking process for treatments , customer invoicing, order and stock management …
  • Create personalized spa marketing tools
  • Create the marketing and sales action plan
  • Prepare the recruitment of the spa staff
  • Revise the Business Plan and establish a provisional operating budget

Pre-Opening and Opening of the spa :

  • Recruit spa staff or assist the hotel with the recruitment
  • Organize the various staff training sessions with business partners.
  • Set up operational procedures and standards and provide administrative and commercial coaching to the staff
  • Implement operating software and train staff on these tools
  • Ensure a regular presence on site for a period of 1 week to 1 month, depending on the needs of the hotel
  • Set up a reporting and results analysis system for the spa manager
  • Finalize the creation of Marketing tools (website)
  • Review the Marketing plan
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