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Frequently asked questions

How are Relax Massage therapists selected?

The therapists are rigorously selected on their technical skills which must be fully demonstrated by each individual during a competency trade test.We also assess their presentation/grooming and language skills in order to meet the requirements of the luxury hotel industry. The successful candidates are then trained in hotel standards (based on Forbes and LQA criteria), they also receive a training module that focuses on the customer experience in the luxury hotel industry specially designed for Relax. This allows newcomers to learn the codes of luxury as well as an approach to the cultural differences of customers that can be found within our mulitiple establishments.Subsequently, our teams are audited and scored several times a year with the help of mystery shoppers by external service providers.

What’s the Relax team uniform?

The teams work with an identical black professional outfit with no logo and black closed shoes (ex: ballerinas). The women wear a black tunic and black trousers and the men a black t-shirt and black trousers. This uniform has been validated by all of our partners to ensure visual consistency with the spa's salaried teams, but also in case of duo performances. If you wish, our teams will happily wear a specific uniform if you were to provide it. Our teams are very conscious of the image conveyed within our partner establishments.

Can I build a sustained relationship with my clientele ?

Customer experience and satisfaction is our main concern. We select the team members, but each establishment keeps its own prerogative to select the team that will provide the service. We are looking for collaborators that build a real community and have a strong team spirit. This is how we have a reduced turnover among our teams. If one of our customers requires a specific therapist, we will be happy to honour the request even months later. Please note that our service agreement strictly prevents our different service providers to build any loyalty with customers under their own name and outside the remit of your organisation.

What are the availabilities and the response time in case of last-minute bookings?

Relax has over a hundred available therapists including beauticians, massage therapists, personal trainers ,osteopaths, makeup artists, hairdressers etc). Most of them live within close distance to your facilities or nearby which allows great reactivity and a swift response time to attend partners’ venues. Their availability is known and updated in real time which allows us to answer to any customer bookings 24/7 and with a minimum of 1 hour prior to the service being booked.

Comment Relax optimise la fréquentation des cabines lorsqu’il est exploitant ?

Nous avons à cœur de promouvoir une clientèle locale au sein des établissements qui nous ont confiés la gestion de leurs spas. Notre volonté est de collaborer main dans la main et d’adapter les événements du plan d’actions en fonction de vos besoins. Pour cela, nous instaurons un dialogue avec les différents services de l’hôtel afin de définir les initiatives souhaitées. Nous établissons un plan d’actions complet qui contient l’ensemble des mesures marketing et commerciales qui ont fait leurs preuves dans le monde du spa. Nous proposons ces différents moyens moteurs : l’hôtel sélectionne en fonction de son concept, sa typologie de client et de sa localisation, les actions qu’il souhaite mettre en place.

How does the invoicing and the payment work?

We offer two options. We can invoice you either monthly or per treatment. The invoice is then payable within two weeks.